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Ham Radio Swamp Swap / Re: Wanted DX394
« on: July 20, 2018, 08:52:12 am »
Good Morning Dan.  There is a DX394 on QRZ for $150.  73's.  Don WA5PRI

FOR SALE: HEATHKIT CANTENNA DUMMY LOAD.  PRICE $50.  CONTACT DON WA5PRI 985 447 3711 or .  If you have memories of "good ole days" and would like to own something with the Heathkit label, here is and inexpensive way to do that.  I have had the oil-filled cantenna for a long time and stopped using it when I started to get bad loads.  Recently I cleaned the contacts and "voila" it is working.  Running 900 watts 160 through 10 meters it shows an swr of almost 1 to 1.  On 6 meters the swr is slightly higher.  Memories!!!!

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